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All new profiles are checked by the Luxy Review Team. We only allow a person to join if we are sure the profile is legitimate and meets our Luxy Standards.

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Luxy is a high-end dating site for people looking for a genuine realtionship. If you have impure motivations or fraudulent intentions, you will be blocked. Our Anti-Scam System filters and eliminates such people to provide our users with quality dating.

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In order to provide the best service, members can reach us at any time. Whether you are looking for dating advice or giving us feedback, our customer service team will always assist you with your questions and suggestions.

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With Luxy’s accurate photo verification system, love seekers can be sure that they are only in contact with real and authentic people. Users can find their love stress-free without worrying about each others identity.

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User privacy is our top priority. We are not and will never share personal data with any third party. Luxy members are always in full control over their data they leave on Luxy.

No Sugar Babies or Sugar Daddies

Luxy is not a place for seeking a Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy relationship or any arrangement. Luxy is helping users to find true love among like-minded people.

Luxy Stories

Barbara & Ronald

At the age of 56 I joined Luxy. I wrote a short paragraph about myself, added nice-looking photos of me, breathed deeply and tapped the 'Join' button. Since I did not want to have a long-distance relationship, I kept an eye on men living relatively close to me. Especially two aroused my interest: Both responded to my messages and seemed kind and respectful. After several first dates it was clear that Ronald was exactly my type. The best part was that I could talk totally relaxed with him since the first minute. We both never ran out of things to say.
We have been together for more than 3 years now and spend a lot of our time traveling.
Our respective friends and families have encouraged and warmly welcomed us. I met numerous couples by now who have had positive experiences with online dating. 10 ears ago, one of my best friends was the first person I knew who went on dates with someone she met online. Now she is married since 8 years with this person.
So my advice is: Get a positive attitude and get on Luxy. But do not stretch the truth. Honesty is the most important aspect in Online Dating, especially on Luxy.

David & Emily

As a man in my thirties, I have never been married and have no kids. I don’t have the dream stats, I am 5'6’’, however fit but not extreme muscular. That makes dating for me a lot harder despite being well-educated with a PhD from Princeton. My wish was to find a thoughtful and well-educated match. Of course I tried various dating apps before but I always felt that that is not the right environment for me. However, I don’t want to have a relationship with anyone. Last year my colleague was talking about the dating app Luxy and that with our lifestyles we would fit there perfectly. To be honest, at first I was reluctant, because I was so disappoint with online dating: The start was clumsy from my side. Emily was the one who contacted me first and I was reserved. But besides my short messages she still kept messaging me and already one month later we were officially a couple. Did I tell the most surprising detail? She also graduated from Princton! Fate really is wonderful


I dated a girl I met on Luxy for several years. We broke up, but I regarded her as my best friend. Now I am back in the game. Your daily routine is work - lunch - gym - home. Where else than on Luxy would you expect to find a new matching date?

Scott & Laura

We found each other with the help of ‘Luxy tags’. Guess what? 95% of our tags were the same! We both enjoy diving and activity holidays.
He plays guitar and I play Cello. We are writing a travel book together now, stay tuned!

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