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15 Tips From Wealthy and Attractive People on Luxy for You to Find Your Millionaire Match

Want to get yourself a Millionaire but don’t know where to start? Here are Luxy’s ultimate dating advices on how to successfully date the world’s elites. Your Millionaire is closer than you think. Luxy as a millionaire matchmaker provides online millionaire dating service. Following are our tips from rich and attractive Luxy single users to help you find your millionaire match.

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“Spend time at the right places. Start swiping on Luxy and meet with the

1% elites! Elite singles are just 1 step away from you!”



“Take up the right hobbies. Edit your online dating profile and show people your exciting hobbies.”


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“Stay fit, active, and enjoy a healthy millionaire lifestyle.”



“Choose clothes that are elegant, classy, and understated, nothing too flashy.Clothes do make the person.”



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“Show them that you are familiar with proper etiquette. If you aren’t familiar with proper etiquette, thereare plenty of books you can rent and articles you can look up.”


“Be familiar with this first date advice: know what you should talk about. Be knowledgeable about the things that matter in his life such as business, sports and hobbies that they’re devoted to, and politics. Take note, though, to save these meatier topics of conversation for later in your relationship, not the first date!”

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“Simplicity with class. Your date is already a millionaire so there is no point in trying to impress them with flashy things if you aren’t already in the same social class then this date might become troublesome. Try to be simple but stay classy.”


“Never talk about money issues. Definitely not on the first date as you might get judged. No one wants to talk to a show off while it’s time to bond and see if this is the right person for you.”


“Here is what not to do one first date: don’t start talking about your exes. This will just give the room a weird vibe. What happened in the past stays in the past and you should be moving forward.”

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“Be caring. Show interest and listen to what your date has to say.”


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“Be approachable. Be open for a conversation and it never hurts to show them your smile.”


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“Be positive. There’s more than enough negativity in the world. Show them how much of a fun person you are. Bring laughter to the table and make them enjoy being with you.”

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“Do your research about who want to find wealthy mates. Find your target group interests!”


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“Networking events are ideal places to connect with a lot of people. Getting to know more people will increase your chances to find your dream millionaire.”

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“Follow the wealthy crowd. Make sure you go where the Millionaires go; art galleries, yacht clubs or an exclusive Luxy singles event for the wealthy and attractive. Make sure you get on our guest list for your real ticket to millionaire dating.”