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25 Relationship Advice for Issues in Relationship and How to Solve Relationship Problems

From martial commitment to teenage relationships, relationship questions are always there. Each one of us has to face such relationship issues at a point in our lives. A relationship can be borderline perfect but it will always have difficulties.

But why can’t we eliminate all the problems and have a flawless relationship? Maybe because we don’t put in the required effort, or maybe because we start taking things for granted once we get what we were wishing for, or maybe we just forget how much some things matter to us.

We can never have a picture perfect relationship but that does not mean we can’t try to solve our relationship issues.

Here are 25 common relationship issues and relationship advices to solve them.

  1. Trust issues

trust issue

Doubting the loyalty of your significant other means there are trust issues in your relationship. Trust issues can ruin a healthy relationship if we leave matters unresolved.

The best way to solve such relationship problems is to give your partner some space and try to think about it from your partner’s point of view. If your partner is the one with trust issues then don’t lie to your partner, instead open up to them about everything. And don’t be secretive.

  1. Possessiveness


In a relationship, most of us assume that we own our partner. This troubled idea brings in jealousy and other negative feelings into a relationship. Possessiveness kicks in every time our partner socializes with the other gender.

We might feel a constant fear of losing our partner so we feel threatened easily. This also results in frequently doubting your partner. How to solve these relationship problems? It can be solved by simply believing what your partner is saying. More importantly, stop comparing yourself to others and talk to your partner about your insecurities.

  1. Overly attached partner

Overly attached partner

A relationship is never completely balanced. One person is always putting in more love and affection than the other person is another relationship issues. This imbalance can vary but it is always there.

The first step to resolving this relationship problem is talking. If you are the overly attached one in your relationship then try to find new activities in your life to distract yourself. And if you are dealing with such a partner then be patient and try giving him/her more closure.

  1. Lack of responsibility

Lack of responsibility

Mostly when couples live together they face many different relationship problems. Lack of responsibility is one of them. When you tell your partner to pay the bills on time or take the dishes out and he/she still doesn’t complete it then this causes frustration. If either you or your partner is not responsible enough then you need to do something about it. Try dividing tasks, or setting up rewards for each task.

  1. Emotional infidelity


It can be described as an emotional affair. Not being emotionally available to your partner or being emotionally closer to someone else. This may eventually lead to cheating so stop it at the earliest stages. If you feel like you can’t understand your partner anymore and you both have stopped sharing things then you need to worry. You can end the infidelity by igniting that spark again. Start doing fun things with your partner again.

  1. Long distance commitments

the distance doesn't matter

If you and your partner can’t meet every other day because you are probably living miles away then you have a hard one. Maintaining a long distance relationship is never an easy deal. Talk to your partner whenever you find the chance to even if it is for a minute. Keep him/her updated on your life at all times.

  1. Change of priorities

Your significant other should be your number one priority at all times. Maybe when you started dating, this was the scenario but with time your priorities changed and now you have got a whole list of things that matter more to you than your partner.

If this happens then it means you are losing interest. Try recalling everything that attracted you to your partner in the first place. Spend more time with your partner.

  1. Unrealistic expectations

We all believed in fairy tales and prince in shining armor waiting for us, at a point in our lives. But as we grow up we get closer to reality. Some of us still have unrealistic expectations when we start dating. We all want to feel special, meanwhile, we forget that our partner is just a human with flaws. Reality checks now and then can solve this relationship issue and be realizing what you are blessed with instead of crying over what you don’t have.

  1. Financial issues

Many married couples or couples living together face this problem. Not being able to earn enough to support a house can cause serious complications. The best way to deal with it is to talk about it with your partner as soon as any such things come up. Support each other no matter how tough the situation is.

  1. Dishonesty


Not being loyal to your partner can mean a bunch of things. So this is another relationship issues. Telling lies frequently can harm your bond and leave this permanent crack of dishonesty. This is simply not tolerable so if you have a habit of lying then you need to change it to gain your partner’s trust again.

  1. Lack of sexual activity/attractiveness

In long term relationships, usually marriages, couples get carried away with work and their sex life just fades away. It is an essential element of a relationship so if you are trying to give life to your commitment again then please your partner in bed and surprise your partner.

  1. Monotony

Following the same routine and the same pattern in a relationship can cause monotony. Spice things up a bit by being spontaneous. Make small efforts to break the pattern and to have fun with your partner. You would enjoy giggles and excitement as well.

  1. Submissiveness


Many people feel this need to be either be the dominant one or the submissive one. Submissiveness is also a relationship issue. It is all about preference and not an issue as long as the person committed is okay with his/her role. It can be solved by therapy and other ways.

  1. Temporary temptations

We see a hot person in a café and keep staring without bothering even if our significant other is right next to us. We believe it to be a level of frankness but such temporary temptations are never healthy. Try focusing on your partner only especially in public.

  1. Family problems

Few of us face family issues once we a are in a new relationship. Issues can be coming from your family or your partner’s family. Mostly It is caused by accepting issues and standards of families. You may even have to keep your commitment a secret one to avoid complications.

  1. Different religions/beliefs

frequency of religious discussions

If the beliefs of you and your partner are worlds apart then you both need to put in the extra effort then other couples on daily basis. You can’t let your differences influence your thoughts and feelings for each other. You can work it all out by communication and respect your partner’s belief.

  1. Personal space


We often invade our partner’s personal space with the excuse of our insecurities. It is simply wrong to do so. Everyone needs his privacy. Make sure you are letting your partner breath and not suffocating them with your presence.

  1. Falling out of love

It means ending up getting bored by the person you are dating. You lose interest and hurt the other person unintentionally. Remind yourself of all the reasons you fell in love in the first place and don’t give up easily.

  1. Self-fulfilling prophecy

DO you keep assuming what your partner must be doing when you are not around? Do you end up in an even sadder mood? Stop feeding all the negative things in your brain. If you are going to make assumptions then make positive ones instead.

  1. Denial of issues

Some people prefer living in their fantasy world and hate it when someone pops their bubble. Such people deny all the ongoing issues hoping they would fade away. Frequent reality checks are needed for such a person.

  1. Not Listening

not listening gif

Lack of communication is never okay. If you don’t want to listen to their issues then find other ways of learning your partner but don’t avoid it.

  1. Not moving on from ex/s:


Living in the past is also another major issue in relationships. Make sure you have completely moved on from all your exes before committing yourself to someone new.

  1. Not spending enough time

Busy with your work routine? Make sure you are spending time with your partner to make sure these relationship issues do not happen to you.

  1. Losing interest in your partner

You may start to find your partner not funny enough or not attractive enough, stop comparing your partner and cherish what you have to solve this relationship issues.

  1. Unsure about your future with your partner

your gf should never feel like she's in competition with another girl

You may or may not have a future with your significant other due to many reasons. But keep in mind that it is a worry that belongs to future. Have a good time and make memories while you can.