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Relationship Advices – 35 Facts About How to Have a Healthy Relationship

A romantic candle light dinner or just a busy restaurant with a casual environment, everyone has a different notion of what a date will be like for him or her. Whether you are dating a millionaire or just a common white collared person, date is special for every couple.

Finding your perfect match, a partner who you would love spending the rest of your life with is not easy for everyone. Some people fall in love at the first sight while others have to wait and put in efforts to find their soul mate. But there is one thing common in all people trying to find the love of their life and that is dating. That is the facts about date.

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A couple who is already much in love or meeting for the first time, they usually end up going on a date just to spend some alone time with each other. Whether you are dating a millionaire or not, you have to remember this relationship advice – the 35 facts about date.

Dating is just not about meeting the opposite gender and planning on making love, dating is all about getting a chance to know each other well and spending some quality time together.

–Relationship Expert Sam Rouge

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No relationship is perfect, so if you’re planning to go on a date in the near future, here are some fun facts about date that you should know:

  1. Exclusive relationship

The first fact about date: dream as much as you want of having a big fat wedding and the number of kids, but only after six to eight weeks will the both of you are able to enter an exclusive relationship. It takes some time to build up trust and really take the step forward of making your relationship official.

  1. Breakups

Starting a relationship takes time and so does ending it. When thinking about advice on relationships people tend to forget the importance of breakups. Even if you are planning to “dump” your partner, it would take you five to six months in putting together your act of breaking up and executing it.

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  1. Be happy

Healthy relationship tips are not to the other side but also about yourself. Bring forward your best game and look happy. Being optimistic and choosing the best stories to tell is a good way to end a date at a positive note.

  1. Talking about education

When on a date, telling about your education and being a graduate may increase the chances of you having to pay the bill as shown through researchers.

  1. Calling by names

During your conversation, take your partner’s name once or twice just to show your level of interest and connectivity. The most important things in a relationship is communication, calling by names is a great way to show your passion to your partner.

  1. Maintain eye contact

Looking away while someone is talking to you is considered rude whether you are date a millionaire or not. Even if you are not interested in what the other person is saying, still maintain an eye contact to show your interest and connect better with the person. This is a useful relationship tip with all kinds of relationship.

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  1. Listen carefully

Continuing with conversations can be difficult. Listen carefully and try to retain the information passed by the other person that could help you in taking forward the conversation. Show your patient is always the best relationship advice.

  1. Hygiene is important

Bad breath and dirty nails can be a big turn off. Make sure you slip in a piece of mint in your mouth and clean yourself well before meeting up with your date.

  1. Dress up well

Ever heard the phrase, first impression is the last impression? Dress up your best because once your date lies eyes on you, he/she will instantly form an opinion about you which can have a huge impact on how the date ends.

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  1. Choose the right color for the date

Being men, if you have a hard time in deciding what to wear, grab blue denim or a blue shirt because studies have shown that women are more attracted to men who wear blue on a date.

  1. Messaging your partner

The time it takes for you to exchange numbers and start with the messages will decide the future of your relationship.

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  1. Body types

Try to maintain a good body shape if you want to be successful on your date.

  1. It is all about confidence

All the dating and relationship advices are about confidence. It has been proved that almost 40% of people are not confident to go on their first dates and meet. So, just be confident dear, you are the best.

  1. Body language counts

Your body language can tell a lot about your personality. The way a girl stands can make an impression on boy even before she speaks a word to him.

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  1. Smell good

Using the right perfume can help you in impressing your partner more than the words could. Perfume is a special weapon to help with relationship.

  1. Choose the right place

Planning for a perfect date? Reamer this love advice – choose an exciting place for it to make a good impression on your partner because the right environment can help you a lot in impressing the opposite sex.

  1. Think what you say

Talking about your troubled past or family issues is not the best of topics to be conversing about. Even talking about sex on your first date can leave a bad impression so think of what you say before opening too much about yourself.

  1. Showing interest

If you are interested in your partner, you will listen to him or her, laugh on the jokes, lean towards your partner and try everything to continue the conversation.

  1. No replies

If your partner does not return your call or reply to your messages, it clearly shows that he or she is not interested so there is no point of continuing with her/him.

  1. Paying the bill

As a universal rule, men are supposed to pay for bills. But if a woman insists on doing so than it means she is not interested in meeting her date again.

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  1. Men fall in love quicker

Studies have shown that a majority of the men fall in love after three dates while for women it can take up to fourteen dates to completely trust in love a man.

  1. Sex is always on the cards

The population of people who are dating, only 23% of them ends up in each other bedrooms on the first date while other actually take their time.

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  1. Having a strong profile

Having your own photo as a display picture, increases the chances of getting more messages on a dating site. And if that is combined with a strong profile reflecting who you are, the likelihood of finding a perfect date increases further.

  1. Date a millionaire

If you like a lady on your first date just let her know your income to make her fall for you because the number of zeros in your salary is what many women are looking for these days.

  1. Appropriate touching

Physical contact is one way of conveying your love to the other person and this is why most people at work places fall in love with their colleagues and end up leading a happy married life. So if your date finds excuses to touch you it shows he/she is really interested.

  1. The first kiss

Getting all intimidate on your first date is just in the movies. When it comes down to the real life, couples end up experiencing their first kiss usually on the second date or the dates following it.

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  1. Speed dating

27th facts about date – speed dating is a common phenomenon but little do people know about its origins. It was actually invented by a Rabbi. Yes, you heard it right by a Jew who was influenced by the Jewish traditions to help singles in meeting potential partners.

  1. The right time for dating

Studies conducted by Yahoo have shown that people who date between December and January usually end up in exclusive relationships because this time of the year is considered a much more serious period for dating someone.

  1. Best source of earning

If you want to make some quick money, go ahead and start your very own dating site. This is definitely one of the fastest growing business in the world these days and the most profitable too.

  1. Cooking for your partner

As lovely as it may sound, wait until your fourth date to take your partner home and prepare a delicious meal for them. doing it too soon can make you look desperate.


  1. Act as a mirror

To take forward your conversation and showing interest in your date, mirror what your partner does. Don’t copy them but try to reflect things through your body language that will convey your interest to them.

  1. Not all ending are happy

It has been observed that every one in three teenagers have been in a violent relationship. That means not all stories are fairy tales with happy endings. So make sure to be completely satisfied with your partner and take your time to reach a decision.

  1. Eat with sophistication

No matter how much you are tempted to have spaghetti or the food you love, the meal that you will order will have a huge impact on your date. Go for more sophisticated options and the best wine to show your partner that not only are you well mannered but also have a great sense of taste.

  1. Never be late

As much as talking about your ex is wrong, being late on your first date is another big mistake. No one cares if you were caught up in traffic because keeping others waiting is not a good idea. Being on time shows the importance of the date for you, the excitement and leaves a good impression.

  1. Men take the first step

As compared to women, men usually initiate with the three magical words and express their intentions to take forward the relationship.

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  • Conclusion

As much as fate plays an important role, finding your love through speed dating or online sites is not easy. Even if you fall in love with someone, it may take time for the other person to develop the same feelings for you. It may take up to a few days for people to decide whether they want to move forward with their relationship or not because in a few meetings, one is able collect enough information about the other person to help them with the decision.

For some money seals the deal while some fall for the looks. There are few who fall in love with a person’s kind soul because the world runs on materialistic things. The prettier you’re pretending to be, the more people will fall for you. For some couples, opposites attract while other share the same hobbies and likings.

Everyone has a completely different definition of love, romance and what they want in their partners. As much as dating is a great way to find your true love, not everyone succeeds in it. Some people may find love on the streets while for some their prince charming may never come. But yes, dating is a way to try and reach out to your perfect match with whom you might want to spend the rest of your life. there is no harm in giving dating sites a try, you never know when you may get lucky.

Love, passion and sensuality, a relationship is incomplete without any of it. Being obsessed to your partner and loving them in a way like no one else is what makes a relationship last longer. But not all people master the art of seduction. Here are more dating advice for you – learn the art of seduction.