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Know Your Partner’s Character Through 6 Emoji Face Meanings

Whether you admit it or not, we are living in an Emoji world now. Originating from Japanese mobile phones in the late 1990s, Emoji have become increasingly popular worldwide since their international inclusion on iPhone. Sometimes when I talk to someone face to face, I want to use an Emoji instead.

In the world of online dating, Emoji is a useful tool to send your love to someone that you are interested in. All Emoji faces have different meanings. How to know who they are behind the Emoji? What are the character traits that appear in the way we use Emoji?

Today we’ll introduce to Emoji faces list and the sender’s likely character.

Emoji Faces Meanings

  1. Cover the mouth

cover mouth

People who use this kind of Emoji faces tend to be shy. When talking face-to-face, cover the mouth when laughing is a sign for elegant. In the world of Emoji, this Emoji face stands for shy and quiet people.

  1. Hand gestures

clap hands


People who like using hand gestures are decisive, confident, and like to act as a leader. They are more powerful, and export-oriented. Usually, these Emoji face means he or she treats people with respect and are sincere to friends. But they love to cover up their true character.

  1. Face palm

face palm

When we see the face palm Emoji, it means they don’t want to hear you muttering anymore. They want to interrupt you and express their opinion.

  1. Shoulder shrug

Shoulder shrug

Making a shrug means he or she is upset and self-condemning himself or herself. This kind of person does not pay enough attention to feelings. They have a strong sense of rational thinking. They are more intelligent and have the spirit to try new things.

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  1. Ooops

opps emoji

For those who like sending this emoji, they are generally more introverted. They do not speak that much and do not easily express their feelings. They tend to have more delicate feelings. They work hard and pragmatic. Normally they are responsible.

  1. Angry face

angry face

People who using this emoji mean they are bothering concerned about something or encountered some trouble. If you can take the initiative to help them, they’ll appreciate you and become your most loyal friend.


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