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Why Asian Males and Females Polarize in the World of Heterosexual Dating?

A US online dating site had analyzed more than 2.4 million interactions in 2013.
They found the most popular groups in the world of online dating are:
  • Asian women and white men
The most unpopular group:
  • Black women and Asian men.

Reasons might cause this phenomenon:

  1. Some people believe this is because of the subtle ideology.
Asian girl Qiu Zhang in Harry Potter makes Harry crazy and she is Harry’s first love.
Zhangqiu and Harry Potter
Gemma Chan in the British shows Sherlock wearing cheongsam to show her mysterious and the white guys like her a lot.
But Asian guys are not so lucky like that. Korean man Han in Two Broken Girls has a strange accent and even is her is the boss, the two waitresses still make a lot of fun about him.

Han in 2 broken girls       2. Stereotypes! OMG

Asian women being materialized, Asian men being feminized had been reporting by the media for a long term. It has been formed as a kind of poison that affect the mainstream values imperceptibly.
For example, the Asian woman’s stereotype:
Smooth skin
Younger appearance
Tiny and cute
Gentle and take care of the family
Not independent
stereotype of Asian women
Asian man’s stereotype:
Not masculine
Do not pay attention to appearance
Not confident
Not humorous and gloomy
Poor sexual performance
Asian men stereotype
In fact, Asian men can also be like:
Love life, love sports, gentle, considerate, caregiver, pay a lot attention to family, strong send of responsibility. Asian men’s image in film and TV shows had changed a lot too, like Glenn in the Walking Dead.
Glenn in the Walking Dead
At last, I’d like to say that the most important thing for two people get together understands. Understanding will leads you to common topics. Girls and guys who treat other people equally regardless of national are the mainstream in every country.
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