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Native African Black People Dating Advices from an Asian Guy’s Dating Experience in Africa

As a Chinese who had been working in Africa for more than 10 years, I’m ready to give you guys some black dating advice.

To start with, compared with Chinese women, women seem to have a lower status in Africa. People here have more traditional family values. You can get this from some details like women here are pretty good at doing housework and cooking. They start to deal with those things when they are young. Except for family values, they are more independent from some aspects. Like they will not ask you to help them carry their shopping bags.

Another thing I find interesting is that, just like China, they are some native Africans love Europe and US more than their hometown.

Last but not least, they really enjoy dancing! In the local bars, they’ll dance with the music when the songs begin. Once I was at home with a girl, we were both focus on some other things, she came to grab my hands and started to dance when heard her favorite song. Dancing is rooted in their blood and they’ll make every party rocks. Going to a party with a pretty African is one of the best things in the world.

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