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Can Straight Man and Woman Be Just Friends Talked by Attractive and Elite Luxy Users?

Loving the opposite sex as a friend seems to be a difficult task for everyone. Can you be a friend with the opposite sex when in a relationship? Can the platonic friendship between man and woman really happen?These are the common questions everyone wants to know when your relationship has started to become more serious. This week, as the top online millionaire dating site, we’ve asked our Luxyers this question.

Luxyer's vote about can you be friends with opposite sex

Results show that 84% of people who voted said that you can be friends with someone of the opposite sex when you are in a relationship. Whereas, 16% of Luxyers voted no.

Though Luxyers might be the highest quality and richest users in the online dating niche, their opinion is quite different from what I supposed. LOL. The golden rule I believe is that true friendship between man and woman can only exist between the two people who think their levels are way higher than each other.

couple fight

Here are some guideline to help you handle your friendships while in a relationship.

Communication – It is important to communicate well about friendships with the opposite sex. Talk openly about your expectations and desires. Think about your various friendships, and discuss together what roles you want them to continue to play in your lives. Remember the boundaries in friendships.
Keep in mind that some people may be jealous and are uncomfortable with their partner spending time with the opposite sex friends, but others won’t have an issue as there is a strong trust between you.

Be Protective – Yes, you can spend time with friends but, if there is anything that threatens your relationship then, you may need to change something with your friendship.

Finding a Balance – You don’t have to choose between your relationship and your friendship. Both of your lover and friend can be your significant others. A friendship that is likely to danger your relationship needs changing but, outside friendships are important so that you are not depending on one person to meet your needs.

Ground Rules – We can’t tell you what rules to have. But, it’s best that between you, some principles are set. By doing this, you can maintain your friendships so that your relationship doesn’t threaten the connection you have with your friends.

Be flexible – Don’t be strict on the rules you have set up. Just be able to adapt to various situations. That way, your relationship can be guided by certain principles about how to interact with people of the opposite sex while allowing you to adjust as you grow together and as your relationship evolves.

tips to handle platonic friendship between man and woman

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