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7 Dating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A Luxy member came to us and asked why he always failed on his first date. We started to crack our brain, thinking how we can better help solve this common dating issue. Hence, our dating expert asked him to describe the meeting with the girl.

Him: Where do you live and what do you do for living?

Her: I live in XXX and worked at YYY.

Him: That’s far away from your home, don’t your family worry about you?

Her: Not at all. I’m not a 16-year-old.

Him: Will you still like me if I don’t have money? It’s not that easy for me to earn money. BTW, why did you break up with your ex? It’s not a good thing for girls to have a lot of exs.

Her: …

terrible date case

From the conversation above,  we can see some of the common mistakes people commit themselves to during their first date. As he keeps talking about stuff that girls aren’t so interested in.

Through his case, we know that dating surely isn’t  easy for some people. If you get a bad impression at first, getting a second date is definitely a challenge.

Today, from the help of our dating expert, we have summed up 7 dating mistakes people make and how to fix them.

7 dating mistakes you should avoid

  1.     Failed to have a plan for your date

There is nothing worse than asking “Where should we go?” on a date.

Remember this dating rule for all men and women: Have a plan in mind, tell your date where you prefer to go. So that they can expect what to wear for the right place while going on a date.

For example, if you like tennis and want to take your date for a sporty morning, letting them know your plan will be a wise decision.

valentine's outfit

You do not want your date appearing at the tennis court with a beautiful long dress. The same applies to restaurants, parks, hiking, to name a few. After all,  it’s important to know where you are going.

  1.     Not being yourself

not being yourself

This is the most common dating mistake on the first date. Remember, the reason they decided to go out with you is that you are different from the other guys.Your personality, wisdom, and everything you were shown on the characteristic that they are interested in. And that is the reason they want to go out with you.

Asian Dating for Asian singles - Luxy

Avoid this dating mistake men and women make: don’t try too hard to be someone you’re not. Just be yourself.

  1.     Give them gifts

Woman rejecting a geek boy in a blind date

Some people love to give their date a special gift like flowers on their first date. But dude, come on, are you going to give them a gift every time you meet them?

Listen, I’m not against the rule that you can’t ‘pay for your love’. But definitely, do not do that on your first date.

  1.     Watching a movie

couple watching film

The first date should be about getting to know each other. Watching a movie together doesn’t really allow the both of you to interact and have the chance to understand each other better.

  1.     Not having any body contact

high five

From time to time, we need to actually have some body contact with the person you have a conversation with. It’s scientifically proven that having body contact will arouse feeling and also get your thoughts across more effectively. We are not saying that you make out with them as soon as you are near them. This is a technique that you need to carry out smartly and with the right balance.  Or the least you can do is to give them a hug. Do not force it, I’m sure you will do just fine.

  1.     Paying everything

throw money

Nowadays, people are constantly chasing a better quality of life, they are not attracted to those who spend money unnecessarily. They look out for someone who allows them to take control of who they want to be.

  1.     Staying in the friend zone

kiss on the cheek

So, you sit on the beach with them talking about your former relationships, your favorite songs, music, kisses… Everything goes on pretty well. You are attracted to them and find them really comfortable.But you just know not sure if you are in the friend zone or not.

If you two both enjoy spending time together, it means the two of you really get along well with each other and it’s the best time to get rid of that friend zone. Don’t know how to? Give them a peck on their cheek. If you feel like you have to, show them how much you appreciate to have them by your side.