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What to Wear on a First Date? Luxy’s First Date Ideas for Your First Date Outfit

Imagine this, one day your dream love finally asked you out for a date, being your dream, you definitely said yes! That’s when you got so hyper, open your wardrobe, putting all the clothes from your wardrobe to your bed, choosing it like it’s your lifetime, putting them on and seeing yourself in the reflection. 3 hours later, you realized you still need that one killer top.

Dating is a fantastic thing, and we all know that the first impression always counts, as this will result in whether you have a second date with them.

Today, Luxy will introduce you something to wear on a first date and what you shall not wear on your first date.

Let’s start with the worst part:

What you SHOULD NOT wear on the first date?

  1. Say no to Minimalist


Yes, minimalist clothes are cool and fashion. But come on, you are on a date! You are here to go on for the next move with your partner. Be more enthusiasm.

  1. Do not be too flashy

fashion don't understand

Fashion is good, but we don’t know if your partner is into this or not.

  1. Choose the right cloth for the right place

drama queen

If you are going out for a burg or just grab a cup of coffee, and you are all suited up. DISASTER!

Some dress idea for your first date outfit.

  • CK’s Pale pink dress $134.00

CK dresses

Soft, pale pink is a perfect color for girls to wear on first date.

  • Victoria Beckham’s Matte Crepe Curve Cami Fitted Dress $2520

victora beckham

  • Keepsake Do it right dress $126

do is right dress

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