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Where to Go on a First Date? Things You Need to Know About Millionaire Dating

In the online dating jungle, it’s not easy to find the perfect match. And when you finally meet your special one, how to start your first date seems to be a hard question for everyone. Hope the following dating advice can help you have a perfect first date.

The definition of the First Date
What we are going to talk about is when you two had talked online and decide to meet face to face.
It can be simple, like a interview, meeting at a café. If you both think it’s ok, then you can go on the second date, if not, then call it a goodbye.
Of course, it can be more complex. Put the scene from a café to a restaurant or museum or park.

It’s impossible to find the perfect first date place. But choosing a better dating place will highly increase your chance to have a great night.

Where to eat:

If you want to know more about your partner while eating, then choose a restaurant that plays classical music. In 2001, a music therapist Kagatsin ask 85 young people to write down the most important things in their lives. They find out that people will think more creative and have a better expression while listening to classical music.

Off course not everyone likes classical music, but if you want to have a deeper communication with your partner, Mozart or Ludwig’s music can help a lot.

Where to go:

couple at gallery

Try the local museum and gallery. These places will help you reduce stress.

More importantly, you can walk around freely in these places, you can observe your date’s behavior carefully.

Even if the date does not go on well, you can still enjoy the painting in the gallery. But if the date goes on well, you may find endless topics to talk with your partner.

Try a cup of coffee:

meeting at a café
Mature couple at an outdoor cafe

It’s a classic choice to meet at a café. If you are in a rush, dating in a café will help you save a lot of time. It will also reduce both of your pressure.

Outdoor is wonderful:

couple walking outdoor

Nature will make us feel more comfortable. Waling outdoors will reduce the pressure for the first date. Because you do not have to pay for anything and the natural environment will make everything more fun. BUT, do nto go to the wilderness with someone you just met. Meeting in public places is safer, like a beautiful park nearby.

Something you shall not do on first date:

Some of the first date ideas are really terrible, you should try to avoid the following 5:

  1. Cooking at home. Staying in a stranger’s house is risky and will make you feel nervous.
  2. Watching movies. Yes, it’s classic. But you could not chat while watching.
  3. You could not hear each other.
  4. Your favorite places. Your date will feel like they are your tail.
  5. Meeting your friends or family.

Your dress code for first date:

What to wear on first date?

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