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The First Online Dating Tips and Advices from Luxy’s Dating Coach

From Cinderella to Snow White, every fairy tale had its happy ending. Their prince charming came on a white horse to take them away with them to a land far away from where no one could stop them from enjoying their happily married lives. But sadly, not all real life love stories have their happily ever after. Today, Luxy is going to introduce several first dating tips for you.

Amongst the world’s population, there are only a few lucky ones who have been fortunate enough to find their soul mates without much effort. Some may have found their love walking down the streets while others may have connected to them through social media. But of course, not everyone is so lucky and may spend all their lives waiting for the “right” person to knock on their doors and fall in love with them.


Because this is the 21st century, from virtual reality to discovering new planets, nothing remains impossible. If a gorilla could learn to talk then you have a fairly good chance of finding your true love even at an old age.

gorilla finds love

Thanks to all the dating sites, even older people have been successful in falling in loves once again. But climbing up the ladder of a relationship is not an easy one. Starting a conversation to presenting the right proposal, impressing the other person might not be so easy.

If you are in for trying your luck at these dating sites then choosing the right icebreaker to start a conversation is essential. If you like someone and haven’t meet physically than thinking before speaking is something that you would want to consider.

Scott Valdez from ViDA, an exclusive online matchmaking service, says recognizing the right time to ask your match for a date is crucial. “If you wait too long, she may get bored and move on. But if you ask too soon, she may say no because you haven’t built up enough trust and attraction yet.”

Remember, the place you choose to meet and the things you talk about can prove to be the deal maker for you. Either you will end up with impressing the opposite sex with your choices or end up ruining it all. Come on, let’s check Luxy’s first dating tips!

  • First Dating Tips – 5  first dating place to go

Of course, after months of chatting online with a person, you would definitely want to meet them and deciding over a place for taking them on the first date can be a difficult one. Here are some places that could actually make your date extra special:

  1. A good restaurant or coffee shop

romantic couple at coffee shop

Luxy’s first dating tip: even if you have heaps of money, taking your date to a fancy and expensive restaurant can come across as a bit show off type. The idea of a date is to spend some time together in a nice, clean and comfortable atmosphere where you could talk about anything you like. And so choosing a reasonable restaurant or a coffee shop is the best place to take your partner to for the first time.

  1. Enjoy a food festival

couple at food festival

When surrounded by stalls of delicious food and colorful people, you and your partner will definitely find a lot of things to talk about. Going to a food festival on your first date is a pretty unique idea if you hate the old school dinner dates. The festivities and activities at this place will help you in getting comfortable quicker and in the meanwhile, you could also enjoy different edible items.

  1. Explore the waters

couple boating

No, no one is asking you to hit the beach but rather take your partner on a ferry ride or maybe for some boating experience. It may sound different but can actually be a good way to impress your date. At least it is better than sitting in a boring café and looking uncomfortably at each other. While enjoying the ferry ride or paddling the boat you’ll be able to pick up things from the surrounding and take nature’s help to start a conversation. Sharing a fun outdoor activity can actually help the two of you in breaking the ice quicker and form a bond while having fun.

  1. Plan a picnic

couple go for a picnic

Find the best park in your town and plan a small picnic with your partner. Prepare a basket with sandwiches, some wine and maybe ice cream and enjoy some alone time together. Well, you can also take some food with you and feed the ducks together and enjoy watching them waddling in the water and quacking around. The peaceful environment of the park will give you an opportunity to be comfortable and get to know each other better. Even a nice walk would do the trick for you.

  1. Take them to an exhibition or museum

coupla in museum

Who doesn’t like paintings or art crafts? Invite your partner to take a tour of a museum or enjoy the beautiful paintings of an exhibition together. You’ll have a lot of things to talk about and maybe it’ll help you get comfortable much faster too.

Well choosing the place for your date depends on your likings and dislikes obviously but just make sure you don’t take you date to a place full of noisy or else you could actually scare them off.

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  • First Dating Tips – 5 topics to talk about on your first date

first dating topics

When you are meeting someone for the first time, it is natural to be nervous and think about what to say next. Well here are some great topics for your first date to keep going on with the conversation:

  1. Everyone loves traveling

Starts off with asking the other person about their favorite places or where would they want to travel. A majority of the people you meet would have a dream place that they would want to travel to before dying so asking your partner about it is a good way to start communicating.

  1. Reveal your secrets

Researchers have proved that people who share their secrets (just the minor ones) can actually help build up trust and is a great way to continue with talking. Telling about yourself in details can aid in improving the bond between the two of you which can actually brighten the chances of being together.

  1. Let them speak too

If you are done with talking about yourself, throw the ball in their court now. Ask them about their past and even through a few funny and personal questions to make the conversation light and entertaining. Show interest when your date is speaking and find out topics from their sentences to continue with the communication.

  1. You can never go wrong with food

Food is definitely one topic that you can go on and on about. For beginners, ask your date what would they like to have and from there onwards go on with your topic if you cannot find something better to talk about to kill some time.

  1. Spice up the conversation

Simple Hi and hellos can actually make your first date really boring. Asking about once family and educational background is just so outdated. In this 21st century where people are hard to impress, spicing up things with a controversial topic can actually help you in winning your partner over. Talking about something that is generally not discussed can give the two of you to share ideas and opinions and of course when you will have something to argue about, you’ll end on an enjoyable note.

It depends on the couple on how they continue with their conversation but it is important to stay away from personal issues or remarks which could put the other person in an uncomfortable spot.

  • First Dating Tips – 5 ways to dress up for a date

What to wear is maybe the toughest of the decisions to make when going on the first date. First dating tips – as girls, you don’t want to overdo anything and men would get confused between too casual or too formal wear. Here is a simple guide that could help you in being more decisive of how to dress up to impress your future partner (that is of course if things work out well between the two):

5 way to dress up on first date

  1. Wear something decent

This goes for all the ladies who are getting ready for their first date. Putting up on too much makeup and wearing a short dress is a big “no”. You don’t want your potential partner to mistaken you for a slut because overdoing things can give out the wrong signals. This is one of the most important first dating tips. When planning for your date remember that less is good. Wear a decent, formal gown and go minimal with the makeup. Look as natural as you can so that your partner can appreciate your beauty.

  1. No shocking colors

For a guy wearing a hot pink shirt with a bright yellow bottom on the first date is definitely a recipe for disaster. Try do dress up more decent and choose cool colors that would enhance your personality because remember you are dressing up to impress a lady not joining a circus.

  1. Wear what is comfortable

Ending up with painful feet because of the stiletto after a date is totally unacceptable. Wear clothes and shoes that you are comfortable in because you wouldn’t want to pull up your pants throughout the date. So make sure the choices of clothes that you make are comfortable and fit well.

  1. Carry your own style

Following the latest fashion is a good idea but never forget to maintain your personal statement. Short skirts and tight pants maybe in fashion, but if you feel much more comfortable in a long skirt or a loose pant than wear what best suits you. be yourself and never pretend.

  1. Well ironed clothes look nice

Wearing clean clothes that are well ironed too shows that how important the date is for you or how willing were you to meet the other person. It leaves a good impression.

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  • Conclusion

These are just a few things that you should keep in mind when going out on your first date. Keep in mind not to overdo things or get nervous because if anxiety takes over you, you might end up acting silly and ruin it all.