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How to Date a Millionaire? Millionaire Date Ideas for Girls

When comes to the world of dating, people seems to have different taste. Normally, man prefers to date women with less money, especially for millionaires. They prefer to date with women who appreciate things and love to experience new things. Hence, for girls, how to date with a millionaire? What should you do and not do while millionaire dating?

This is a topic that has been lingering throughout the ages ever since mankind stepped foot on this earth. Even at the time of the Neanderthals – the strongest, most powerful, most resourceful ones were widely preferred as the partner of choice as this meant stability, more security, and better food for supper. But this was the past and why would you anyone want to be with someone who can reassuringly hunt and kill a tender wilder beast? Well, throughout the years’ iterations of this preference have been translated and the currency of choice has slowly changed. What was once a tender deer is now a hefty wallet and a thick checkbook. In this blog, you are going to get everything you need about date a millionaire.

It would be unfair to look down upon someone who would go for a strong, financially stable partner since preferences vary from person to person. Some people may like ketchup in their burger rather than as a dip. But for those looking to find that special someone who can buy a yacht to park his Lykan Hyperspot, then read through the end and hopefully, you can learn the do’s and don’t’s about date a millionaire.

First of all, let’s try finding one…shall we?

Here are a few ways to attract your millionaire partner:

  • Look for upscale, high-end hotels and clubs:

couple at club

When date a millionaire, most of you would obviously know this but it’s still nonetheless a very effective way of finding the Italian stitched suit of your dreams.

  • Dress like you could reject the president’s offering:

This means, let go of those torn up jeans and your college T-shirt and go for a nicely made cocktail dress. You see, you may be able to charm him with your personality but if your looks get in the way then you won’t even get a chance to show them your true colors date a millionaire.

  • Show enthusiasm:


Show enthusiasm in his hobbies, and in general, anything that he likes date a millionaire. Be the person he wants to enjoy his hobbies with.

  • Share common interests:

Share common interests

This is one way of ensuring that both of you are happy, think about it, of you like tennis and he likes tennis, then you both like tennis and Voila! A good and enjoyable time for the both of you.

  • Be honest:

Be honest

This goes to show that no matter the size of the account, honesty is the foundation of any healthy relationship, and if you trust them and be honest with them then be sure to expect the same.

  • Express yourself:

Listen if you don’t like that he keeps buying you a new gold plated watch every time you go for a date, then let them know. If you don’t like the way he looks at you, let him know, remember not to try to change their personality.

  • Let him take charge:

He’s lived a successful life so far and has pretty much made all the right decisions to get to where he is today. This would make him think that any decision he makes is probably the right one. So if you let him know that you’re ok with what he does and what choices he makes, then it’s likely that you’ll live a happy life together date a millionaire.

Great! Now that you’ve relied him in, it’s time to go on your first date when date a millionaire.

Here are five first date ideas:

  • Go for a walk:

“Be calm, you’ve got this, it’s just some guy in a suit that I just have to know” is what you should say to yourself in the mirror prior to the date. Remember, under all those blank cheques and credit cards, he’s just a normal guy looking for a normal girl. So if the venue of the date is on you then try keeping it simple, like maybe a walk down the park?

  • Let him plan the day:

Don’t get too involved too quickly. You see, if you become too eager to know everything prematurely, then chances are he’ll feel like he deserves all of your attention and devotion. That’s good till the point when he thinks he’s superior to you, and that’s not what you ant in a healthy relationship date a millionaire. You want equilibrium and that’s why you should let him make the first move. So it is better for you to go with the flow and agree with whatever place he chooses. Chances are he will take you to a posh restaurant.

  • Attend a carnival:

Attend a carniva

He is a millionaire who has forgotten how to have low profile fun. It is time for you to remind him. Take him to a local carnival in town or for joy rides. Try paying for the night or at least making an offer to pay.

  • Volunteer at a local social service:

Make memories with your partner and show him how nice of a person you are at heart by volunteering together. Anything from an animal shelter to old homes would do fine.

  • Invite him to your place:

Skip everything and invite him to your cosy place. Keep everything simple and old fashioned. Cook him dinner and watch an old movie afterwards or play some board game. He will definitely want to spend more time with you after such a day.

Here are a few things you should AVOID doing on your date with your millionaire partner:

things you should avoid on dating

  • Don’t talk too much about his money:

You clearly don’t want to give gold-digger vibes. Try not to talk about his money, your money or anyone’s money unless he brings it up first. Plus money is all he gets to hear all day long so chances are he will lose interest soon.

  • Don’t fake interest in his hobbies:

If you both have some hobby in common then that’s good. But if you don’t have any such thing in common then you don’t need to pretend to like you do date a millionaire. He will figure out eventually that you don’t really like his hobbies, so it’s better to be honest about who you are.

  • Avoid talking about controversial topics like politics:

It is better if you don’t bring up any sensitive topic. Try not to give any biased opinion in case your partner brings it up as you don’t know what might offend the other person. Know about world affairs but don’t go on convincing him how you are right about it, he might not get your point of view.

  • Don’t bring you ex/s up:

Avoid talking about ex/s unless your partner asks. Make sure you don’t sound like someone who is having a hard time moving on from an old lover and is looking for a rebound now date a millionaire. Don’t ask your partner about his past as well. He might not be comfortable sharing it just yet. These talks are for a later time once you both get emotionally attached to each other.

  • Your sex life:

Have had some bad sexual encounters in the past maybe? Save it for later. Don’t give your partner the idea that you are in it just to fulfil your sexual needs. Don’t even bring PMS up. But do laugh if he cracks a joke about any of it.

  • Your future marital plans:

Unless you want to scare your millionaire partner off, try not to talk about your future life or martial plans at all. You want kids or want to settle down somewhere or your future spouse traits, keep it all to yourself. You can’t expect your millionaire partner to marry you right after your first date.

Keep these things in mind while going out with your millionaire partner, your charm will do the rest. Have fun!

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