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Best Advices from Luxy’s Online Dating Coach on How to Be Good Conversation Starters

Keep trying and still waiting for the love of your life? Maybe they are hiding in the caves of Scotland or roaming alone in the outstretched jungles of Madagascar waiting for you to come and find them. But just maybe your situation right now doesn’t allow you do so. Luxy will give you suggestions about the best way to start a conversation online in today’s dating coach.

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As much as fate places an important role in helping you find your true love, hooking up would not have been easy without the Internet as well. Thanks to this fast technology being readily available, thousands of people around the world have been able to get connected to their prince charming or queen of hearts without putting in much effort. Good conversation starters will always give you extra points in online dating.

What is online dating?

Before starting the dating coach, we need to have a brief introduction of online dating. As much as you believe in love at first sight, there are many individuals around the globe who fall in love with someone without even seeing them. Some fall for the way a person speaks while others may just like someone because their “picture” is nice.


Online dating is just like gambling where your instincts and luck matters the most. Make the right decision and you may win a lottery or one wrong move and it’ll shatter your heart into a million pieces.

But as the technology is advancing and people are becoming more addicted to social media, online dating is becoming more and more common. Studies today have proved that if you want to become a millionaire in just a few months, nothing can be more profitable than having your own dating website. Why? Because with such busy lives, people have become lonely with no one to emotionally connect with and so they try their lucks on such websites.

Questions to start a conversation online

No matter how outgoing or talkative you are in your real life, connecting and talking to a stranger that too without any physical contact is difficult. How to start a conversation on a dating site? It requires a lot of guts and courage to overcome the barrier and start a conversation. A thousand things may cross over your mind while typing in your first few icebreaker words. What should I say? Is saying hello appropriate or should I write hi? Will she be tempted to read my message? How can I make him talk to me?

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These are just a few things that can mess up your mind. Even if you’re willing to talk to someone online, pretend like meeting them face-to-face and imagine how you would start. Sometimes a simple hello can also work for you. Here is a guide for all those people who are trying their luck on dating websites but find it difficult to talk to people:

  • Choose the right words

when you see her profile picture

There are many ways to start a conversation, before sending a message, do visit the profile of the person you want to talk to. Read about their interests and hobbies to use them as the subject for your first message. Write something that is interesting and is aiming at their hobbies so that the other person is forced to read and reply back. Choose your words wisely and ask questions that she will be tempted to answer.

  • Use humor as weapon

Choose the right words

“Hi, how are you?”, “What did you have for lunch today?”. Do not ever ask such questions. Come on, you logged on to a dating site you are supposed to connect with people you like not take their interview. Stop asking silly and stupid questions.

Talk to girls or boys online are not easy but also not difficult. If you want to make the other person comfortable, crack a joke and use humor as your weapon. If the opposite gender ends up laughing, it will help a lot in lightening up the environment and continue with the talk.

  • Pass a compliment

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Lighten up things between the two of you with a small and simple compliment. Do not exaggerate your words to come across as flirty, be nice and sweet so that the other person gets a hint that you’re interested in them. If you don’t know how to start a conversation with a girl or a guy, just make their heart skip a beat so that next time they are forced to start the conversation themselves.

  • Talk about shared interests

share interests

Check out their profile keenly and find if you guys share a common interest. Before thinking about how to start a text conversation with a girl, try to find your common interest first. For girls, if you don’t know how to keep a conversation going with a guy, just ask him about what he is interested in! Sharing the love for music will even do the trick for you as having a common hobby helps you to talk about something for a longer period of time and one may even end up developing a liking for you.

  • Take it slow

never rush into a relationship

Well, of course, you join dating sites to cope up with your loneliness. Even if you are desperate to physically get in contact with someone, do not ask the other person out on a date in your very first conversation or else you may end up ruining everything.

Go slow and use your witty humor to start talking about meeting outside. Ask for the places they would like to visit or dine out just to get an idea of their likes and dislikes.

  • Mirror their personality

Mirror their personality

Look out for the tone and the length of messages the person sends you and try to mirror it. If someone is sending you short and formal messages, you wouldn’t want to dominate the conversation with longer messages so follow the lead to improve your chances of impressing them.


At the end of this dating coach, we’d like to let you know that the key to starting dating conversation on online websites is to relax and be your true self. Never pretend and be honest about who you are because at the end, finding your perfect match is all about luck and your efforts.