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Do You Believe in Love at First Swipe, Which Is Love at First Sight of Online Dating?

Fall in love at first sight

Fall in love at first sight in real life is quite common. According to The Wall Street Journal’s survey, 60% of people believe in love at first sight and 41% of men or 29% of women have reported experiencing love at first sight.

survey of do you believe love at first sightScientists also explain the feasibility of love at first sight from a biological point of view. Data shows that it’s possible for our brain to make a decision in 1/10 second to attract by some sides of other people. There are many factors make human beings falling in love at first sight. Research shows that we will be attracted by physical, clothing, appearance, smile, a subconscious behavior and even when he or she is focusing on doing something like reading a magazine or listening to music.

Top 10 Love at First Sight Scenes in Movies

Fall in love at first swipe

In this case, for those who seek true love on online dating apps or website that provide online dating service, is that possible for them to fall in love at first swipe when checking Mr./ Ms. Right photo or profile or starting an online conversation? Is that possible for them to fall in love at first swipe even before meeting each other?

love at first sight online datingThere are a growing number of people who have the needs of online dating in recent years. In this case, there are lots of online sites or apps that have online dating service online now. Many ‘dating experts’ (who have a lot of online dating experiences) have provided a lot tips about how to write a perfect online dating profile, which can help you present yourself way much better than who you really are.

Other than that, our dating experts also come up with many ideas about how to start an online dating conversation. You can find tons of templates about starting online dating conversation, even if we all know that this in not a sincere behavior to start an online conversation in this way.of people lie about themselves in their dating profiles

Luxyer’s Vote

Therefore Luxy asked our Luxyers if they believed in “Love at First Swipe”. The results were instantly divisive, with votes going both ways equally.

One Luxyer made the point that you could only truly get to know somebody, and therefore fall in love with them, in person; it’s the chemistry of that real life first time meeting someone that’s their deciding factor, saying that looks can only go so far.

Another user remarked that in today’s society, people are busier and have less time for meeting people by chance, that it’s easier to make contact via these dating apps during their down time, sometimes being their only way of being able to have a meaningful conversation with somebody when people are moving so fast.survey of do luxyer believe love at first sightOf course, the data seems to show that this “First swipe” model is immensely successful, with mobile dating apps reportedly making millions of matches a day, Luxy alone contributing to nearly 2 million of them.

In addition, there are thousands of successful love stories from people who use these types of dating apps. However, apps like this tend to attract the kind of people who are looking for a one-time fling and not a meaningful long term is different. Luxy prides itself on its high quality and aims to create a real bond between our like-minded users. In addition to providing the initial first swipe moment, our prestigious users can fine tune to find exactly the type of person they are looking for. With this, our users are much more likely to find the one on Luxy than on any other dating app.