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Best Luxury Rooftop Bars in The World

Looking for a last-minute vacation with your new match? Or maybe you are seeking a sudden decampment from your existing location? Below shows some of the best luxury rooftop bars in the world today.

Flair Ritz Charlton – Shanghai

First luxury rooftop bars: experience and discover a breath-taking luxury view on the tip of Ritz Charlton at Flair bar, based in Shanghai. It is one of the best skyline views in the world. Situated below is the Huangpu River which twirls through the city. The luxury Flair Ritz Charlton is right next to the Oriental Pearl Radio and its lights are exposed during the night.

This is the perfect moment for you and your match to enjoy an amazing skyscraper from the rooftop, especially during the night when the city is lit.

shanghai's luxury bar

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The Press lounge – New York

The Press Lounge in New York City has a luxury roof terrace with one of the best skyline views of Manhattan and the city skyscraper. The Hudson River lies on the west and the east view shows the famous city, Manhattan. If you go at the right time of day in the right season, you may get to see the beautiful sunset that fades across the city.

Your match will appreciate this best luxury rooftop bars in the world, especially in the appealing city, New York.

new york luxury bar


Skye Bar – Sao Paulo

Skye bar is at the top of an enormous boat shaped constructed building, where you can enjoy the bright Sao Paulo skyline. There is also a rooftop swimming pool. This is ideal for swimmers that would like to drink a cocktail whilst floating in the pool and enjoy one of the best skylines in the world. The bar is very posh and expensive and is intended for rich and famous people.

The swimming pool is what distinguishes the difference between the Skye Bar with other rooftop bars. You and your match can relax alongside the swimming pool and observe the luxury view on the rooftop.


Cu-ba – Dubai

Dubai is becoming one of the most attractive locations in the world with brand new skyscrapers. Cu-ba is the perfect rooftop bar for any lover as they can enjoy the glittering skyline of Dubai, especially for women. As well as the rooftop, you can take a glass elevator to the top floor and enjoy the view as the elevation increases.

This is a luxury and full of richness bar and your match will remember this for years to come.


Ce La Vi – Singapore

Ce La Vi (Formally called Ku De Ta) is one of the most premium rooftop party bars in the world. It lies on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands, an architectural landmark. The view from the top is not interfered by nearby buildings, allowing you and your match to enjoy the spectacular view. The bar consists of one of best infinite pools in the world.

If you and your match enjoy a party-like atmosphere then this is the best rooftop bar for you.