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As Luxy is the best & most popular mobile millionaire social app like Tinder exclusively for local rich and beautiful singles to meet, chat and date online, there are many con-artists and even compulsive liars who hope to gain from joining this millionaire club which has a very specific clientele.

Luxy’s Celebrities List

Luxy now launches our Luxy’s Celebrities, on which we recommend famous stars and top users on Luxy. As one of the best millionaire dating site, Luxy provides you a place for dating celebrities. Date a millionaire is not that difficult.

Luxy's Celebrites

On the list of celebrities, you can find sports stars, pop stars and so many other single celebrities. Want to date the top celebrities? Start your celebrity dating.

Thus, Luxy’s Income Verification feature is the next step in weeding out catfish and making single rich men or women looking for love much more secure and reliable in our luxury millionaire community.

The significance of Income Verification in millionaire dating club Luxy

The feature is essential because it not only proves your own value beyond a doubt, but also ensures that you can trust the authenticity of other singles who you are interested in. Then, it allows you to evaluate compatibility with other singles more easily and helps you find perfect matches in our millionaire dating club. Therefore, the communication on Luxy may tend to be much more open and transparent.

verified income user

This feature shows that Luxy’s first and highest priority above all else is to provide you with an environment in which you may feel at ease and enjoy yourself without any worries.

How to verify your income

Step1: verify your identity
You are required to send us a photo of either driver’s license or passport or ID card. (The documentation has to include a photo of yourself and your full name.)

verify income step 1

Step2: verify your income
You need to send us a photo of either one of the following:
Tax return proving your annual income
Bank Statement proving your annual income
Other documents proving that you have 1M+ in net assets
(The documentation has to include your full name.)

verify income step 2

The Income Verification feature makes sure that not only are users able to feel more secure in using this millionaire matchmaker app and more willing to rely on the information regarding potential matches that the app provides, but also that there is no means by which the security and overall reliability of the app is compromised in any way.


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