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Elite Senior Singles and Single Parents with Children Dating and Remarriage Advices


As a senior & mature singes, why should you dating and remarriage?

It’s impossible for your children to be around you for all the time. Children could not replace the company of your life partner.

  1. For senior dating, finding a partner is find a friend to share interesting things in life. For senior males, a partner can help them fulfill their emotional life and take care of them. For senior females, they can find a partner to share little things in life.
  2. Yes, the child is something we have to consider. But it’s not a wise choice to remarriage because of giving a completed family for the child. If your child is still young, that might be a reasonable choice. But if they are already eleven or twelve years old, you do not have to do that at all.
  3. As far as I’m concerned, remarriage is just for happiness. If you and your partner enjoy it, why not get married again?

Things you should let your children know after divorcing:

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  1. Your papa/ mama and me divorced because we do not love each other anymore but not we abandon you. We’ll still love you as before.
  2. Your papa/mama and I are human beings and human beings need love. It’s not a big thing if I date or marry with other guys again.
  3. Nothing goanna changes my love for you. I’ll always love you the same and you’ll always be my dearest child.
  4. It’s impossible for your dad/mom’s new partners to love you as we do.

At last, from the interviews we did on Luxy’s elite single parents, most of them believe before starting a new family, you have to make sure your new partner and your child can get along well. It’s something more than I love you and you love me. They should trust each other as an individual.

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