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Newly Launched “Platinum” Makes Luxy the Most Expensive App in the World

Luxy have introduced their most expensive app membership for $999.99 available for its Luxy members called Luxy PLATINUM. It was released on 13th June 2017. It is a higher identity than Luxy BLACK with more capabilities by allowing the members to have more priority and high-profile exposure, thus, increasing user popularity and a higher probability of finding the perfect match.


The most expensive app membership, Luxy PLATINUM, is only available to seven users within a city. This means that Luxy PLATINUM is limited and must be attained before all seven memberships are taken. This also means that the limited Luxy PLATINUM members will have no resistance to attracting attention from other Luxy members across the city and around the World.

Members will be equipped with the new, very distinct PLATINUM emblem on their profile which represents the luxury membership of the most expensive app. The emblem consists of a platinum crown with blue diamonds and is the latest membership design from all the Luxy membership brands.

By acquiring Luxy PLATINUM, users can also enjoy all the features of Luxy BLACK which already consists of enabled functionalities. This means that when you have purchased Luxy PLATINUM, you will also get Luxy BLACK both for one-year subscription.

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