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Awesome Tips to Take the Perfect Profile Picture for Online Dating Without Any Hard Work

A profile picture is important. With the craze of social media taking over everyone, people are becoming more desperate to look good in the pictures that they upload. And of course thanks to the latest technology, cameras are becoming finer each day helping people in clicking quite a few pictures of them. In fact, the selfies craze has let companies come up with the idea of improving the quality of their cameras and increase the demand for their products. So today, Luxy is going to provide some profile picture ideas for you.

  • Photography is an art

But even with the best of equipment, not everyone can take a great picture although taking a good one is not difficult. You may still don’t know how to take a profile picture.  Clicking photos that are beautiful is an art. You need to have an eye that could be used to capture the mesmerizing beauty of a place or of a person and put life into a picture. You may be able to click random stuff but only a true artist will be able to change “ordinary” into something “extraordinary” through their photography.

profile pictureClicking pictures of places may not be difficult, but capturing the charm and allure of a person requires a lot of expertise. It’s not easy to take awesome profile pics. Even when taking your own picture, there are certain rules that you should follow to make your picture worth displaying. No matter how amazing your phone’s camera is, you still need to understand the small tricks that can make your selfies from “good” to “great”. Here are some tips that might help you in clicking superb photos for your profile:

No matter how amazing your phone’s camera is, you still need to understand the small tricks that can make your selfies from “good” to “great”. Here are some profile picture ideas that might help you in clicking superb photos for your profile:

  • Travel towards light

Travel towards light

You may find the light at the end of the tunnel and that is where you are supposed to take your picture. Perfect lighting is enough to improve the quality of your picture and make you look great. Rather than using filters and editing tools, choose a place filled with perfect lighting to click high-quality cute profile pictures that look totally real.

Taking face profile picture in broad daylight where the sun is shining high above will definitely give you some beautiful clicks. Let nature help you in creating magic with your pictures and in case if you are planning to shoot at night, choose a point with high lightning and let it to the trick.

  • Choose the right angle


Once you get the chance to see your pictures, most of the people end up complaining about their looks. Some may find themselves looking too fat in the photos while other go on complaining about their face looking too big, eyes being closed and teeth looking crooked. Little do people know that human faces are asymmetrical. Your right and left sides are not created to be equal and so it is best to find the right angle for your body that makes you look slimmer and prettier. So when taking good profile pictures, remember to choose the right angle.

Even when planning to go for a complete body shot, make sure you tilt to your “right’ side and bend your knee a little while placing one leg in front of the other one do get some wonderfully “smart” photos. This little can give you stunning snaps with having to waste your precious time on Photoshop.

  • Clean background

Clean background

You don’t want the world to know what a mess your room is when setting up a profile picture. Having wet towels or even undergarments in the background of selfies is not pleasant to look at and it definitely destroys your picture no matter how amazing you looked in it. Make sure when getting ready to click a snap especially for uploading on social media, clear up the background. Keep the backdrop perfectly clean so that nothing ruins your perfect profile picture.

  • Look for a good frame


Yes, every mobile is filled with quite a few numbers of frames and there are apps that can be used to change the backdrop as well, but why put in so much effort when you can make your profile picture wonderful without editing it? Rather than opting for fake frames, take the help of nature and choose natural settings. Sit in a garden or a place decorated with beautiful things and simply act naturally to get a fantastic click to take your best profile picture.

  • Dress up well and look your best

dress up when taking pictures

A great picture is all about looking your best but that cannot be achieved if you are dressed inappropriately with messy hair sleepy eyes, then no matter how amazing your editing skills are, your profile picture will still be below average. Before taking profile picture or even a full portrait, just make sure you are dressed up well and smile to add magic to your picture.

  • Conclusion

Thanks to the social media which connects thousands of people across the world, people have become more conscious about their looks. Uploading personal photos and a little sneak peak in others life has become common. Getting a few hundred likes and positive comments from your closed ones are what makes people more conscious about themselves.

Trying hard for taking a good photo just because you want to make someone jealous is a common act now. Showing off your style and trying to impress with your looks is what motivates others to click selfies but of course, not everyone has mastered this art. The tips mentioned above are just a small guide to begin taking fabulous pictures and on the path of click photos, you come across more techniques to go from “good” to the “best”.

Once you have chosen a picture that you like, you can use various editing tools to make it even better. Basic editing does not need any real skills, just use different apps available on the net and experiment with them. Add doodles or change the color of the image, there are a lot of editing options that you can play with and get a picture perfect enough to be called you “profile photo”.

Remember to use a good camera and a background so that snapping shots becomes fun and never ever compromise on the quality of the picture that you click because only a good quality picture will attract people and get your compliments.