First Luxy Cover: The Naturalist Plastic Surgeon


Meet Rian Maercks, the naturalist plastic surgeon, was originally born in Miami and studied plastic and reconstructive surgery both domestically and in centers of excellence across the globe. ‘’I love all sorts of creating’’ he says, and that’s why he founded his own studio space and Maercks Institute after several international fellowships. Not just a fine artist or plastic surgeon, Mr. Maercks is a man who pursues perfect in his deep heart.

Rian’s heart is always with his hometown of Miami but he has an ever-growing love for New York. He recently sets up The Maercks Institute NYC in Manhattan and his practice in Manhattan and in the Hamptons is rapidly expanding. He is currently splitting his time between New York and Miami.

Rian loves all sorts of creating. He originally trained as a fine artist, and have recently set up his own studio space, and so he is trying to make more time for drawing and painting. He has boats which take a lot of time, and he loves fishing or just cruising with his two wonderful dogs who are like his furry children.

What’s your personal opinion on plastic surgery?

My personal approach​ to plastic surgery is unique, as I strive to help my patients achieve a look that appears natural. So many cosmetic procedures today tend to look fake, “operated” or “over-​done.”  This is why I founded The Maercks Institute about a decade ago. I drew on my training, experience and creativity to develop new techniques, which deliver natural-looking results. I devised a new procedure called Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation to create augmented breasts that resemble natural perfection, real cleavage and supported longevity.  I also designed a facial volumizing technique called Aesthetic Facial Balancing, which allows me to balance, rejuvenate and beautify faces, so my patients leave improved, sculpted and happy, but free of the stigma of obvious cosmetic intervention.​

Who would be your ideal match?

I think physicality has little to do with connecting with another human. The people I like to spend my time with are confident and independent. I am drawn toward people who hold themselves with a healthy dose of pride, coupled with humility and interest in things outside themselves. These sorts of personalities can be rare in cities like Miami.

As a Plastic surgeon, do you care about your match’s appearance?

I think that confidence is most important. Whatever makes my partner feel their best is what is right for them. But I love helping people enhance and realize their best selves.


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Rian Maercks

41 /  M /  Miami

Chef, creative thinker, water lover, yacht captain, artist, lover of life, problem solver, mechanic, doc by day. You must was possess these :Intelligence, independent thought, happiness and love filled spirit, appreciation and curiosity about life/the world. Physical/mental fitness on top of it all